Coggins Kennels

Residential Kennels
Built with exacting standards, our residential kennel line provides safety and security for your dogs. Our kennels come with a two-way swing gate and are 75" high. Coggins Kennels are pre-fabricated for easy installation. No post holes are required. It only takes 20 minutes to bolt one together. Because our kennels are not anchored to the ground, they can easily be disassembled for transportation and storage.

Note: While our kennels can be installed on almost any surface, we recommend a concrete pad for ease of clean up.

Quality Feature
Small details make our kennels stand out from the competition. Compare our quality construction and service with the competition and see why Coggins is the best.

  • Welded Construction
  • Dog-Pruf Flip Latches—No animal can outsmart them. They are the strongest, safest latch and can be padlocked for additional security.
  • Full 11 Gauge 1.2oz Chain Link Fabric
  • The Coggins Security Bar—Ensures the mesh is secured tightly to the frame and will stay taut to eliminate snagging. Other techniques such as hand-lacing may break and allow the animal to escape.

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“We live in the mountains above Alexander Valley and are happy to have our dogs safe from predators when we go away.”

Coggins Service:

We want you to be completely satisfied with your Coggins Kennel for as long as you use it. Our expert staff will review your requirements and make sure the kennel you order will best fit your needs.